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About DeCarlo Animation

DeCarlo Animation is an independent, artist-led studio that creates socially-progressive content. In contrast to traditional animation, our stories are written to appeal to adults, featuring diverse voices and complex themes. We work to achieve diversity and equity both on and off the screen.

We seek people who:

  • Love collaborating with others
  • Respect and value diverse perspectives 
  • Challenge social and creative norms
  • Constantly strive to grow professionally
  • Wish to pursue evolving opportunities in a small and growing organization.

Current Positions

3D Environment Designer - The Encounter

The Encounter is a feature-length, family-friendly sci-fi adventure about a rookie at a secret government agency that encounters and befriends an alien, and must fight his superiors to prevent an intergallactic war.

Contract covers 80 hours of remote, freelance work over 4-6 weeks to design and assemble indoor and outdoor environments within Cinema 4D. Outside of pre-scheduled meetings, artist can work at hours of their own choosing to meet deadlines. Possibility of contract extension in early 2024.

Designer will collaborate with the Art Director, primarily utilizing stock models, models, and existing in-house assets. As needed, Designer may search for additional models to add to designs, create proxy and/or custom models (though modeling is not required of the position). Designer is expected to utilize a consistent process to ensure uniformity between environments, and to provide revisions to meet the Art Director’s standards.

Candidate must have: 

  • Proficiency with Cinema 4D. (A license to Cinema 4D can be provided for the duration of the contract, if needed.)
  • Demonstrable ability to design and create complex 3D environments.
  • A computer capable of building complex environments.
  • Access to reliable internet connection for virtual meetings and file sharing.

$40/hr. To apply, see instructions below.

Check back frequently for new opportunities, or send us a letter of intent with your portfolio/reel and the types of positions you would be interested in.

To Apply

Send an email to telling us the position you are seeking and why you are a great fit for our studio. Be sure to include a link to your portfolio / reel / relevant work experience.